You have heard of “Bridezillas”, now get ready for “Birthdayzillas”

I have always been one to stress about perfecting my birthday plans. My birthday is a big deal to me. Maybe because I have slight narcissistic tendencies or maybe just be because I want to have a wonderful day with my friends and family.

If you have a Type-A personality (like me) you will be more than familiar with the stress sweats that come with any minor hurdle on the way of planning your day.

So when I was planning my birthday last year and couldn’t possibly fit having dinner and going out to a bar or club later that night in, you can imagine how many showers I had to take.

I stressed and stressed, wondering if I want to invest £150 (at least) in transport for me and my friends (I really didn’t). I even considered cooking dinner myself. As if everything else wasn’t stressful enough.

Mum To The Rescue

I called my mum close to tears because of how stressed I was. She, as always, came up with the perfect solution.

Instead of caravanning all my friends from one place to another all night (and having to pay for expensive restaurant wine), she suggested I hire a private chef for the night.

Initially, I was a bit sceptical. Wouldn’t that be even more expensive? A private chef? But after doing some research, I actually found it to be way more affordable than inviting my guests to eat out. Especially considering the costs I would spare because I could buy the wine myself (my friends like to enjoy a glass or ten).

So I booked a nice Italian dinner, including Lasagna (my absolute favourite), with the chef and servers to come with it.

The Big Night

And as the big day approached, I could finally focus on smaller issues, like what to wear. As I was getting ready, I could hear the chef bustling in the kitchen, preparing my dinner and getting ready to serve everything.

My guests arrived and I could greet them as relaxed as they have ever seen me. I offered them a celebratory glass of champagne as I led them to the beautifully set table. They were joking about how I was probably losing my mind ahead of the big day and I could confidently say I didn’t. I obviously left out the part before my mum gave me advice.

After we were all blissfully savouring the aftertaste of the delicious Tiramisu we were served for dessert, we decided to sit out our food coma at my place. While the chef cleaned everything up, we enjoyed our fifth bottle of (non-restaurant priced) wine and agreed to continue the evening where we were, which couldn’t have happened in a restaurant.

Looking back on a night full of laughter, good food and general happiness, I can definitely say that hiring a private chef was the best decision I ever made regarding my birthday plans. All of my Type-A brothers and sisters out there, let me give you the advice your mother might not. Hire a private chef to save you from sleepless nights and stress-sweaty days.