We’re looking for new ways to get delivery!

A significant number of Londoners is stressed and with having not enough time to enjoy their meals, thanks to a frenetic life which is choking us and obscure the purpose of relish the moments.

We are surrounded by a society that is focused on quantity and not quality. 

Especially here, in London, you will find a wide range of solutions for all your needs, but which one of those is:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Unique

We have always been told, that unique experience was only for spendthrift (spendaccioni), this is why we are still fearful of trying new places or restaurants that from the menù look over budget.

Nowadays, we are always bombarded with new food services that aim to make our life more comfortable, with frozen delivery and overcrowded restaurants.

We do want to have a tailored service that will not cost a fortune, and curiosity annoys us:

  • Where can we find it?
  • Is it going to be expensive?

We’re looking for new ways to get delivery!

The answer to all those questions is simple: “Hire a Private Chef.” 

No matter what taste, kitchen equipment or allergen you might have, the Private Chef will be able to customise the experience to guarantee a unique service to everyone.

When trying the experience, you will feel immersed in a new world with all your senses engaged; you will be able to smell, eat and savour the most exquisite dishes. 

A Private Chef is both a “luxury” and a convenience in your comfortable home atmosphere.

The person that is going to provide you with this experience is a professional cook who doesn’t want to work in restaurants. The job of a private chef is an attractive alternative. Private Chefs work independently in private houses or venues, creating meals that reach the tastes and possible dietary restriction or allergen of every member of the household.

Although duties vary, all the chefs are responsible for all the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up, leaving you the time to enjoy and relax.

The My Home Chef services allow the chef to develop personal relationships with the client and move from an alienated restaurant life to a new, flexible one.

Chefs typically work in conjunction with numerous other kitchen staffs, from waiters and waitresses to sous- and prep-chefs. Aside from specials, the chef will prepare the same menu items repeatedly, often following the same instructions from the same people.  

Working as a Private Chef gives more autonomy and independence, as they will likely to be working solo, determining the approach and making their decision regard to food preparation techniques.

Hire a private chef is not just a new trend is also a new way to offer business opportunities to the one who was stuck in the back of a restaurant kitchen.

If dinner guests enjoy the food and ask to meet the chef again, it may open the door to future employment, catering job, travel or other career-building opportunities.

This is especially beneficial as the chef are not exclusive to one client.

Now that I’ve shown you all the solution which service will you chose?