There are lots of different tips and ideas how to create a perfect dinner table. Believe us when we say that depending on how you decorate your table, your food will also look better. A good decorated table creates a better atmosphere because every guest will see that you put effort in it and will feel more welcome. In the following text we have some advice for you how to create the perfect dinner table. 


Sometimes how to place the cutlery in the right order can be very confusing but actually it isn’t that complicated. It is very important to place them in the right order and also to use them in the right order. How to place them and for what you use them is shown in the image on the right side.



In our opinion when you place the napkin in a normal way on the plate it just looks boring and effortless. But when you fold them your table will look way more elegant and beautiful. There are so many easy ways of folding a napkin to different shapes, so you should definitely give it a try to make your table look a little prettier. Here is a website where you can learn how to fold a napkin in different ways.


Flowers are necessary for decorating your table. It’s so simple but it will make it look more beautiful, natural and colorful. Also the room will smell lovely like flowers.

The lightning

If you have read one of our other articles you might have noticed that we mentioned the lightning many times before. But we can’t say enough how important the right lightning is because lightning is the key to creating a cozy atmosphere. So for a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, fairy lights and candles are perfect. To place many fairy lights and candles is so much better than to turn on the big and bright light on the ceiling. We recommend you to use fairy lights with a warm light so it matches the light with the candles.

We hope we gave you useful tips and ideas for your perfect dinner table. But don’t do too much decoration because otherwise it will look messy. Good luck with your dinner table!

My Home Chef