Every season has some foods or drinks which are typical for them. For example in summer we eat ice-cream and drink some cold cocktails on hot days. In autumn there is nothing better than a pumpkin soup. But what is typical for the winter? In the following text we have to most delicious things you have to eat/ drink during the cold and frosty wintertime!



1) Hot chocolate

Image when it’s already dark and cold and maybe it even snows and then you sit in your warm and cozy home and sip on your hot chocolate. For us that sounds like a perfect winter evening.

Not only will you love the chocolate, also your children who will be thankful for it. If you like we recommend you to top the hot chocolate with some little marshmallows, it creates an even better flavor.

2) Homemade cookies

You have to put a little effort in it but we guarantee that it will be worth it. In our opinion is baking cookies something that you shouldn’t miss during the winter time because it is such a lovely tradition. Grab your friends, children or grandchildren and start baking together some delicious cookies!

 3) Mulled wine 

After a long hard working day there is nothing better than meeting with good friends at a Christmas market. And what shouldn’t be missing in any case? Mulled wine! Mulled wine is a perfect drink. It warms you up in cold days, it is sweet and has alcohol in it. If you want you can put some oranges and cinnamon in it to make it a little sweeter. All in all it is something we recommend you to drink during the cold and frosty wintertime. 



Eggnog is a very typical drink for the winter or Christmas time, it is sweet, creamy

and it taste a little bit like egg yolk. You can put all kind of alcohol in it

depending on which one you prefer. Popular ones to put in are brandy, whisky and rum.




5) Soups

Soups are always perfect for cold times.

Of course you can also eat them during autumn but it is also very enjoyable during the wintertime.

Especially when you’re sick it is very healing to sip on your soup to get well soon. 



Turkey is a very traditional dish for the Christmas evening but since Christmas is during the wintertime we thought it shouldn’t be missing on this list. 


7)Hot chocolate with red wine 

This is a very new and modern way to drink you hot chocolate.

At first it sounds a little strange but don’t be scared to dry, in our opinion it is very delicious. This is a good alternative for the ones who have enough of mulled wine and eggnog.



We hope that you like our foods and drinks for the wintertime. Get well through the wintertime and have a merry Christmas with you loved ones. 

My Home Chef