I am sure many of you will have taken part in a discussion sparked by a statement about specific food preferences. Many have claimed that these types of debates have ruined friendships and have even torn families apart. Decide for yourself on which side of these following debates you are (unless you decide pineapple belongs on pizza which merely is untrue) and leave a comment!

1. Pineapple on Pizza

What else could be on the top of this list? Pineapple on pizza might be the king of all food controversies. Is the sweet taste a perfect addition to the savoury ham and dough? Alternatively, is it not pizza but a “mistake “as celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey put it? Ramsey went on to say that “you don’t put f***ing pineapple on pizza “. So he is very publicly and very colourfully outspoken against Hawaiian pizza. 

Another search recommended by Google when you type in “pineapple pizza “is “do Italians put pineapple on pizza? “. 

My roommate happens to be from Italy, and we’ve had several discussions about food before, so I asked her to weigh in. Turns out that “real Italians would never put pineapple on pizza. ” 

A somewhat controversial statement has been made by Iceland’s president a few years back when he said that were it in his power, he would ban Hawaiian pizza.

Another politician that has made a statement regarding their stance on the topic is Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who said he approves of the creation. It’s no surprise that fellow Canadian Justin Bieber agrees with him since Hawaiian pizza is a Canadian invention. 

So we have professional chefs, real Italians and even politicians that have commented on this debate, but it will no doubt cease to be the topic of many heated discussions. 

My personal view on this is that people who like any other fruit than tomatoes on their pizza are irresponsible and unable to appreciate good food.

2. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

This one is not quite as polarising as the Hawaiian-pizza-debate, mostly because the majority of people seem to have reached a consensus.

With the Oxford Dictionary defining a sandwich as “consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them, eaten as a light meal“, one would think there is not much room for discussion. 

However, the Merriam Webster dictionary has reminded people of their definition: “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between“.

So a hotdog is a sandwich per the Merriam Webster definition, but not per the Oxford Dictionary definition? You can see why people are confused.

It has been argued that if a hotdog is considered a sandwich, so should tacos and burgers. Also, before complete mayhem could break out, the final authority that is the British Sandwich Association has spoken out about the matter.

They have issued a statement saying that neither hotdogs nor hamburgers are sandwiches. 

Make of that what you will, I stand with the British Sandwich Association.

3. The correct way of eating pizza

Here we go with another pizza-themed discussion. Who knew such a staple fast food could be so controversial. 

I have always been outraged when I saw my mother slaughter her pizza with knife and fork. So I was thrilled to find out the majority of the internet shares my disapproval of eating fast food with cutlery. 

I don’t think pizza is made to be eaten in an elegant, I-don’t-want-to-get-grease-on-my-hands way. I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. 

However, I was almost offended when Stefano Cirene, owner of a very successful Pizzeria, suggested the correct way to devour a pizza is to FOLD THE WHOLE PIE INTO A WALLET SHAPE. That means to fold it four times. 

I deeply disapprove of this. Is the argument for this is that way the toppings don’t fall off. However, if you have even the slightest excellent motor skills, you will manage to keep the cheese where it’s supposed to be.

I will just let you know, and if I see a piece of pineapple sliding out of your origami style folded wallet pizza, you’re dead to me.

4. Avocados

This one is not such a big controversy when you browse the internet. On the surface, everybody seems to love it.  However, that might be because there has been a deep underlying judgement developed for people who dare speak negatively about avocados. The fruit is incredibly excited and often makes an appearance in a smashed form on toast, next to a Bellini at the hippest brunch spot on any millennials Instagram profile.

I have shared this exact scene before, so no judgement just yet. However, many people have mustered up the courage to speak out against the “superfood“. Although nobody can deny the health benefits, it is rarely said that avocados taste rather bland and have a “sketchy“ texture. 

My advice is to season it properly. However, this opinion is not what angers me about avocado-behaviour. A friend from Brazil has informed me that apparently, Brazilians like to eat the fruit with honey and sugar. Yes. That combination is honestly not unlike Hawaiian pizza. The sweet and savoury – I’m sorry Brazil, but that sounds awful. 

5. Condiments on carbs

Let me explain. With condiments on carbs, I mean ketchup and fries or pasta. I have many friends that enjoy their spaghetti mixed with salsa. While that might be an acceptable dinner for a toddler, I am quite sure you are supposed to outgrow the taste for this combination. 

Especially when there are sauces like pesto (green is superior to red by the way). Another debatable condiment on carb choice is drowning your fries in ketchup. I am team ketchup-on-the-side. I don’t believe in the soggy massacre that some of my friends enjoy. 

However, I don’t feel as strongly about this point as I do about the others. 

6. How to properly eat Oreos

So this is not an either/or debate. There are a million sides to this discussion. 

If you have ever had Oreos, take a few seconds to recall how you ate them. 

Good. Now let me open your eyes to the world of Oreo-eating methods. 

You can either be a bit greedy and eat the whole cookie in one bite or eat it one bite at a time. These two are probably the most common ways but hold your horses. You can dunk it in milk. You can twist it apart and only eat the cream. Alternatively, only eat cookies. Alternatively, first, eat one and then the other. 

There are possibilities aplenty, and frankly, it’s tempting to put them in an alignment chart (only eating the cookies and not the cream is chaotic evil).

I like to switch it up and experiment. However, I would never throw away any part of an Oreo because I am not a monster.

7. Cereal habits

There’s a lot to discuss here as well. Let’s start at the beginning: What comes first, the cereal or the milk? It’s the cereal. Always pour the corn first. This one is pretty easy. Another discussion-starter is how much liquid to put in the bowl. Do you like your cereal to drown in it or have a white bed? I am an advocate for just enough so that everything that wants to swim on the top can.

These are very inside the box ideas.

However, in 2015 a tweet emerged that showed a picture of ice cubes in a bowl of cereal with the caption asking if the person was the only one doing this. That tweet has triggered a lengthy discussion, including comments like “is this a joke?“, “she probably had a rough childhood“ and “UnLucky Charms“. 

The thing I don’t understand is why your milk isn’t cold in the first place. There is such a thing as a refrigerator. Also, watered down cereal? Gross. 

I don’t care how much milk you out in your cereal, but please don’t add ice cubes. Thank you.

8. How do you like your tea?

This is a big thing here in England. I have once been called out by my (very English) teacher for drinking my tea without milk but with honey.

He didn’t approve at all. After living in London for almost a year, I’m pretty sure most British people feel the same.  

However, I have yet to adopt the habit. My (German) mother is very passionate about tea as well, and that’s where I got my tea habits from. According to her, there is nothing that a good cup of tea won’t fix. Moreover, that “good“ cup of tea has never contained milk. 

I wasn’t even aware that adding milk to tea was a thing until I came here. However, I tried it, and I didn’t hate it. I just much prefer honey in mine.  

My friend has made a hilarious comment about tea in general (and I would like Brits to be enraged about this instead of my liking honey in tea, please): Tea is just salted water. There you go, bite your teeth out.

9. Edge or centre piece brownie

Another debate that I don’t have a firm standpoint. However,  very, very strongly about this. Some prefer the burnt crunch of centre or edge pieces while others like the gooey, soft centre. This also applies to whether you prefer gooey or crunchy cookies. I’ve got to say, I love both, and as long as I have cookies or brownies, I’m happy. 

10. Spreads

We’re nearing the end of this list! 

People seem to be very defensive when it comes to what they like on their toast.

For example, Marmite. I have never tried it because I honestly am scared. In my opinion, everything that’s in a jar before it lands on my bread should be sweet. I don’t know why. Also, Marmite looks like its sweet, but I heard it isn’t. I also heard it’s impossible to describe its taste, which I don’t consider very comforting. 

Onto the next spread – Nutella. I have met a few people who didn’t like it. Most people (me included) love it. 

However, a friend has brought to my attention that some people prefer to put it straight onto their bread and not coat their already buttered toast in it. I thought it was a diet thing because my father, out of principle, never uses butter. 

However, I mean, since you’re already eating Nutella, you might as well add butter. I think it perfectly complements the chocolatey taste and makes it all a little smoother. At least I don’t put cheese on top of it as my mother sometimes does. That is gross.

Maybe don’t take the word of someone who’s a guilty pleasure it is to take a spoon and eat Nutella straight out of the jar though. I know that I’m not the only one who does this, but I get why some people might consider it gross. However, in my opinion, it’s the perfect chocolate, and no bar or cookie can match it.

However, what’s even better, and most likely will give you diabetes, is mixing Nutella with peanut butter. It tastes, and one teaspoon will fill you up.

Being on the topic of peanut butter, the point here is to crunch or not to crunch. I mistakenly thought crunchy peanut butter contained small cereal-like clusters to add the crunch and was disappointed to find chopped up peanuts. Because of this misled hope, I am team smooth peanut butter. 

However, I also get those of you who enjoy a slight crunch in their spread.