Every year is the same problem. What should you do on the New Years Eve? Outside is always too cold and the club is too crowded. But don’t worry we have the perfect plan for you.





Instead of going out in the cold with your friends, why don’t you invite them to your house? It is way more comfortable and warm and you don’t have to stress about anything, you can just relax with your friends, play some games and drink a little.  






For the perfect New Years eve of course you need good food and therefore nothing would be better then to order at My Home Chef. You just have to choose your chef and your dish and that’s all for the evening! That’s the only thing you have to do. Our chefs are going to buy the ingredients for you and of course are going to cook for you. You literally have to do nothing. While our chef is cooking for you, you can enjoy the New Years eve with your friends. You don’t even have to clean up afterwards because our chef is also going to do this for you.







With My Home Chef you have the perfect New Years eve! You are not outside in the cold, you are not surrounded by a thousand of people and you don’t even have to stress about  the food! You can just lean back, watch the fireworks and have an amazing time with you friends!