Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo is the event to help you boost profits, build your brand, grow your business, and much more! This was the main reason why My Home Chef was there, to explore, study and realize which are the best channel to bring an unique experience to all Londoners.

My Home Chef attended the Takeaway Expo London to:

  • Discover some of the most exciting new products from around the world that are transforming the takeaway and restaurant industry
  • Meet industry experts and learn how to attract and win lots of new clients
  • Obtain the latest tools, techniques and advice within an ever-changing industry
  • Keep ahead of market trends by discovering the technology that’s changing the industry
  • Meet and connect with over 8,000 like-minded visitors with our national scale networking features
  • 150 seminars. Be inspired with some of the fastest growing food chains right now in the UK, and hear the business views from some of the most senior people within the industry.

Plus, over 300 of the most cutting edge suppliers, panel debates, networking opportunities, innovation awards, 1-2-1 expert advice from the most relevant people in the industry, interactive features, 150 seminars featuring the world’s best industry experts and much more!

After hearing different views of doing business, different reality and ways of growth restaurant business, My Home Chef brings at home a huge luggage of experience and fresh air.

“We heard and breath passion trough all the stands, we admire how companies try to bring their own reality to costumers and we realize how technology is nowadays a stronghold of the restauration world.” Alberto Arnaud (Co-Founder of My Home Chef)

During two days of Expo My Home Chef realize that there are lot’s of different ways to accelerate the food process and create the best with the minimum time.As we are a company of chef hiring we want to look trough the eyes of our costumers and bring to their places not just a faster version of a restaurant but a new way of restoration that will transform their dinner in an unforgettable moment.

We are bringing an unique experience inside a little box, you just have to open it!