During the delivery era where time reign on quality, My Home Chef has launched a private chef delivery service.
We have found MyHomeChef.uk, an innovative startup which aspires to move the restaurant experience into your comfortable home atmosphere.

Attached you can find an extract of the Chelsea Monthly interview, that tells the story from the idea to the creation.


How did the idea come about ?

The My Home Chef idea was born during a usual London home party. We were six starving friends waiting for our food delivery, that as usual arrived cold and packed inside distressed paper boxes. Bored of this service we dreamt up the idea of hiring privates chefs for dinner parties.  After several online researches on complex and unpractical websites we thought we discover a huge gap inside the great London’s food market.


What’s My Home Chef?

My Home Chef is an online private chef booking platform that will provide a home chef service in London with few simple click. To us, that means maximum pleasure through great products and service, making the booking easy and everything for an affordable price.  Sharing a meal with friends, taking the stress out and enjoying your dining experience will never be so easier!
You can find the full interview HEREand in all newsstand of London.
For the full magazine: http://chelseamonthly.com


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