A video report by IETV UK about My Home Chef,
the new easy way to hire a private chef in London.

Who wants to enjoy a dinner with friends or family without caring about the shopping, the cooking, the service and the cleaning up?

The food delivery gives already a big hand, especially if you need a quick and not planned meal. When we are really hungry, we can really eat anything!

But if we had to organise a party for a special occasion or just to impress our guests? Would you order delivery food?

What if there was a service that is quick, affordable and cool? Something that impresses your guest and at the same time helps you to enjoy the party with them?

Watch the video… You may find the answer to all these problems!

This is exactly how My Home Chef works. Your place should not be in the kitchen, but sit on the table with your guest. really enjoying the food and the dinner.

You can provide an incredible entertainment with a chef that tells you about the dishes you are eating, showing how to do specific preparation and amazing your guest with something everybody will talk about!

We think that good food must be affordable for everyone, that’s why we made it. With our chefs we created some very attractive menus. If you want to impress your friends, we also have high end menus.

Gabriele Giuliani – Co-Founder of My Home Chef

With menus starting from £30.00/pp, My Home Chef can really change the hospitality in London and in Europe providing experienced chef and incredible food from around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Go too www.myhomechef.uk and book your first dinner!