Everyone likes dinner parties, you meet with friends and eat some good food. But when you are the host, it can be very stressful especially if you don’t know how to organize a dinner party. Don’t worry about it, we have some useful tips and ideas for how to throw a perfect dinner party.

The guests 

Everything stays and falls with the guests. Depending on which people you are going to invite you have to organize your party.For example if you have to throw a dinner party for your colleges from work, you are actually not so close with, you have to dress in a more formal way and you shouldn’t only serve fries and burgers. But when you invite some good friends you can organize your party with more casual atmosphere, obviously you shouldn’t just order a pizza online because it’s sill supposed to be a dinner party. As you can see the first thing you have to think about is who are you going to invite.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The theme

You have to think about if you want to have a theme for your dinner party and if yes, which one? For example it could be oriental, summer, 80s or you going to throw a dinner party on a holiday like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Eastern, new years evening  or on a birthday. Depending on which theme or occasion you choose, you have to decorate and tell your friends how to dress.

The location 

Of course, the location depends on how many people you are going to invite but in any case, there should be enough space that everyone can move around freely and doesn’t have to sit on someone else’s lap. If you’re going to throw a party in the summer and it’s not supposed to rain than we recommend you to do the dinner party outside. It’s a lovely memory when you celebrate a little bit with your friends outside on a cool summer evening. If you don’t throw your party in the summer, just make sure that the room is big enough for everyone and that you have enough lights (not too much otherwise it would ruin the cosy and comfortable vibe) so you don’t have to sit in the dark.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The decoration   

Even if your dinner party doesn’t have a theme, decoration is really necessary to create a lovely atmosphere. If you don’t decorate it just looks like a normal evening with friends and some food and not like a dinner party. What every dinner party needs are the fairy lights and candles. They just make the room look more cosy and welcoming, not like the big bright light on the ceiling. Also, some balloons and garlands look very  nice. They are not only for birthdays, for example if you choose for the balloons the colours white and gold, it will look more elegant. You could also spread some glitter or other things on the table to make it look a little better and you should definitely put some flowers on the table because flowers look always add more sophisticated vibe.

The food

Of course, when you throw a dinner party you need delicious food. Therefor, is nothing better than My Home Chef. It’s so easy you don’t have to prepare anything. You just go to our website https://www.myhomechef.uk/ and order your chef and what kind of dish you want (like Asian, Italian, vegan etc.). It saves so much time because you don’t have to buy the ingredients, you don’t have to cook and afterwards you don’t even have to clean up. So, you have more time for your guests and definitely less stress.


We hope that our tips and ideas are useful for your dinner party. Good luck and enjoy the evening with your friends and delicious food!

My Home Chef