The colours of the decoration:                                     

If you want to keep it traditional then we recommend you to decorate your table in the colours red, green and gold. These colours create together a lovely Christmas feeling and we guarantee that your guests and family will feel comfortable and welcome.  

If you want to give your Christmas evening a little modern touch, we recommend you the colour white. Most people combine white with silver, blue or even purple. This colours will turn your dinner table into a winter wonderland and it will give you a fresh, modern and natural atmosphere.


The lightning:

Instead of using the big and dazzling light on the ceiling, use some fairy lights and candles. Of course you will need a few of them but we guarantee that it will be worth it. You can decorate the dining room with some fairy lights and on the table you could place some candles. You will see that the atmosphere will change completely and if you have a fireplace it’s even better! Now when it’s already dark and cold outside, you will sit with your family in a warm and cozy house and enjoining the Christmas dinner.  








The decoration for the table:

As we said before, candles are very important to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. But besides the candles are also some sprig of fir, pinecone and some dried slices of oranges very useful for a good atmosphere. These elements will fill your room with an amazing, natural and digestible smell. For a little sweet smell you could put on top of the orange slice some cinnamon.    


Drinks for the Christmas evening:

For the cold wintertime it’s always a good idea to serve hot chocolate especially the kids will thank you for that. Besides the hot chocolate you could also serve some cookies

Not only that they taste good, it’s a lovely Christmas tradition to cook them with your kids or grandchildren. Imagine when it’s finally Christmas evening and you’re sitting together with the family and in the air is a smell of chocolate and sweet cookies. For the adults which don’t like hot chocolate, we recommend you a good punch. You can choose a punch which you prefer for example apple currant punch, caramel grape punch, eggnog punch or a non-alcoholic punch for the kids. 



We hope that we gave you some useful tips and ideas to decorate your Christmas dinner table. May this festive season sparkle and shine, may you have a delicious dinner with your loved ones, and may you feel this happiness all year round.

Merry Christmas from My Home Chef!