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About My Home Chef?

Our mission is to make homes even more special! We do this for people who love entertaining friends, family and beloved ones at home. Our goal is to offer you the most straightforward booking experience, the highest quality chef at affordable prices. 

Our vision is: We want to change the hospitality world by bringing the restaurant experience to your home. By connecting people who want excellent food with experienced chefs from around the world, we make home parties more special and more business for chefs.

What kind of services can I find on My Home Chef?

The My Home Chef dining experience allows you to enjoy the company of your guests without having to worry about anything. The chef will take care of the groceries, then arrives at your home to cook the meal. They’ll serve you at the table and clean up everything before leaving. 

From casual meals to Michelin style dining we’ve got it covered. And whether you’re booking for the very next day or planning months ahead, chances are we’ll have something to suit your needs. Our chefs can adapt their menus to suit your dietary tastes and requirements. 

After booking and paying on My Home Chef’s website, your order will be processed, and the chef will accept or decline your order within 24 hours.

On the day of the service, the chef will arrive about 2 hours before the service time (time of the first meal).  He (or she) will get to work in your kitchen and prepare everything on site. Upon your guests’ arrival, don’t hesitate to invite them into step in the kitchen and meet the chef. We ask our chefs to introduce themselves before dinner and explain their background. For each dish, the chef will take care of the service and explain it to you. Before leaving, the chef will tidy the kitchen up.

Who does the service?

The chef, of course. During a My Home Chef meal, you just relax, and the chef does the rest. For catering to more than 10 people, the chef might be accompanied by a waiter. But it is included in the price.

What is the chef doing while we are enjoying our meal?

The chef will surely have plenty of work to do from the arrival time to leave your home.

However, if the chef has a free moment, the chef will adjust to the style of event that you wish to have. The chef can be in the background and stay in the kitchen, or if you prefer, the chef could come and speak to you and your guests (and this is what we prefer, but it is really up to you to decide!). Don’t hesitate to ask the chef to share a drink with you. Direct contact is preferred, you will not regret it: chefs are passionate and exciting entrepreneurs.

There are so many reasons!

Above all, you will have the pleasure of entertaining at home, without having to worry about the logistics. You and your guests can enjoy a home dinner fully organized and executed by the chef. Just sit at the table and enjoy the whole evening, and the chef will take care of everything else: shopping, preparation, service and even cleaning up.

You will also discover the multiple talents of a passionate chef. The chef will not be hidden behind the walls of a restaurant kitchen. On the contrary creativity will spread in your kitchen. He (or she) will explain the meal course, show you his technique, present the dishes and fit them to your needs.

Whether for a special occasion or a break with your friends, My Home Chef can offer you a completely new experience.

About our service

My Home Chef partner chefs are first of all creative enthusiasts. They choose to carry out this activity to have the freedom to create new experiences for each occasion, which does not often happen within the traditional restaurant business.

The expertise level (and therefore the price) varies across all the chefs. Some of them come from Michelin-starred restaurants, others have freshly graduated from the Hospitality Management schools or are simply looking for a career change and the opportunity to dedicate themselves to their passion for cooking.

You can read the chefs’ description and some responses to our questions on each chef’s profile. The photos will provide you with an idea of their culinary style. To learn more about a chef, do not hesitate to contact us.

The chefs sign up to be My Home Chef’s partners. We ask them to fill out a series of information and then proceed to a screening to find out more about their background and the skills they can offer. The chefs have to pass a trial before they are qualified as My Home Chef members, only if they successfully pass the trail will they be qualified.

All the chefs don’t have the same level of expertise; hence each of them indicates their own pricing label.  My Home Chef ensures that all of the online chefs fit in with our quality chart.


Yes! Our professional chefs will come to your location and cook you up a delicious meal while you sit back and relax with your friends. That can be your home, rented accommodation or any private venue.

Yes! The chef cooks and serves the meal, so the only thing you have to do is to enjoy the meal.

Of course! Our chefs will adjust their work to the size and equipment of your kitchen. If it is too small, the chef will prepare most of the work in his own workplace and finalise the dishes at your home. Similarly, if you lack the equipment, the chef will complement it.

If you still have doubts, please contact our team and we can help!


The more your kitchen is fitted with equipment, the more our chef will be comfortable to create dishes. However, with very little means, our chefs manage to do great things.

It is important to communicate well with the chef after booking. You have the possibility to chat with the chef on the My Home Kitchen Chef.

All the main allergies and intolerances are displayed on our website into the menu preview. When you create you’re My Home Chef account there is the possibility to select your allergies and intolerances, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore! If there are any questions about allergies or intolerances don’t hesitate to contact us!

Yes, the chef will use your plates and cutlery so please make sure there are sufficient plates and cutlery for all your guests. When you create your profile, please select which and how many plates, tools

and cutlery you have. You can do this in the MyKitchen section on your profile. This is how the chef will know if and how many items will need to be brought to your event. (indicating the chef is he – watch out for English feminists)

Please check before booking if you or the chef have the tools that are needed. If you don’t have them and the chef doesn’t have it, there will be a chance that your booking will be declined by the chef.

By default, the drinks are not included in the price. We decided to structure our prices this way because drinks are a big part of the restaurant’s cost. So, using your own wine, the price/quality ratio becomes much more interesting!

On average 2 hours before the actual meal time. However, for certain type of services, the chef will arrive earlier. You have the possibility to chat with the chef on the My Home Chef messenger to schedule the arrival of the chef. 24 Hours before the start of the event, the chef will receive your mobile number, so if there are any specific problems or questions, the chef will contact you.  

Whatever happens, the chef will contact you on the My Home Chef messenger after you made a booking and tell you at what time you should expect him.

The day after the service has taken place, you will receive an email asking to give your opinion about the chef. The host of the dinner can leave his review of the chef.  All the reviews are published, whether they are positive, negative or neutral.

This review is public and contributes to the overall grade of the chef.

Write your review from the review section on your My Home Chef account. The chef can also leave a review about the host to ensure a two way of feedback between host and chef.

Prices include: the purchase of ingredients, transport, preparation, service, storage and the time spent.

The prices vary and are based on two main elements, number of guests and the menu itself. In our policy, we have six prices based on the number of guests. The prices go down for every additional guest until the minimum amount that it is shown for 6 to 30 people. The prices are displayed per meal; the prices may differ based on the chosen option (dish).
Prices are all inclusive. If you cannot find a menu suitable for your budget, please contact us and we will help!

For more details, feel free to contact us!

– What are the booking fees?

When booking, My Home Chef will invoice £1 as booking fee per person, and it will be added to your cart.

My Home Chef also receives a commission on the amounts billed by the chefs. However, this is already included in the price you pay.

Every day new selected chefs join My Home Chef. To date, we offer our services in all London.


-There are no menus available in my area!


Oh no! Indeed, My Home Chef is not yet available in all locations, but it will soon be! However, we can still help you. All registered chefs are yet to be shown on our website.

About your booking

  1. Please select a location, your favourite cuisine, the time and date of your event.
  2. Select a price range (optional)

You can select a price range per person, this can be left blank or you can select a range.

  1. Select a dish type (optional)

By clicking on a dish type, the menu’s with that type of food will be displayed.

  1. Select a menu

By clicking on “see menu” or clicking on the title of the menu you will see the menu with all the information and a description of the dish.

  1. Select which dish you like for how many persons.

By clicking on the cart, you can select which dish you like. Please make your choice.

It is not always possible to have two or more alternatives per course, this depends on our chefs and the number of guests. If it’s possible to have 2 or more choices, you will see in the booking details “For this meal you can customise up to (number) different menus. If it isn’t possible you will see “For this meal it’s not possible to select different menus”.

5.1 It is possible.

Please select the menu and for how many persons it will apply to and add to cart.

5.2 It is not possible

Please check your order and add to cart

  1. Insert the voucher code

If you have a voucher please insert the voucher and press the button “verify”.


(We have a filter that helps you to select the meals that fit best to your budget. There are 3 buttons you can find on our website; Casual/Moderate/Black Tie. The casual filter will show you all the meals up to £35 per person. The filter Moderate will show you the meals around £… and the filter Black Tie will show you the meals above £85 per person).


7.Book and complete the payment

Process your booking by filling in your details (phone number, address etc.). Then pay securely online.

If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (add telephone number here).


All services are paid at the time of booking by credit card on the website My Home Chef. The amounts are stored on a designated account until the day after your delivery. Following your confirmation that everything was fine, the amount is then released to the chef.

Payments are 100% secure with CM CIC.

Within 24 hours after your booking, you will receive an answer whether or not he has accepted it.

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking. Also, you can find the details of your booking in your “My Meals” space. All you have to do now is to sit back and wait for the event!

Yes, in order to provide an excellent service, we have a maximum of 30 persons per booking. However, if you want to book for a larger amount of guests, please contact us.

This depends on the chefs, you have to book at least 24 hours before the meal. This can vary from one day to ten days. The number of days you have to book in advance will be displayed at the chefs’ profile or if you select a certain date, the available chefs will be presented.

To amend the booking, contact us as soon as possible by phone: +44 (0) 20 7538 0424 or email us at: info@myhomechef.uk We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

If you decrease the number of guests, this will not create any problems. However, if you want to add an extra guest, you should notify My Home Chef

ahead and will have to agree to the additional payment related. 

Reducing the number of guests is equivalent to our cancellation policy for a service.

You can find everything in the cancellation policy: https://www.myhomechef.uk/en/pages/terms-of-use/

No this isn’t possible yet, but we are working on it.

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I am item content. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Payment and canellation policy

Please check our cancellation policy on: https://www.myhomechef.uk/terms/ 

Customer Refund Table:

Please see our privacy policy on: https://www.myhomechef.uk/privacy/

FAQs for chefs

Before I can apply

– Due to some changes in the banking regulations regarding money laundering, My Home Chef is now entitled to implement new “KYC” (know your customer) procedures for all of our chefs and caterers. 

– This new regulation requires us to ask for the “legal documents” to our chefs and caterers. Without them, we will have to block all further payments to chefs that have reached a £1000 cumulated earnings threshold.

What are the needed documents? 

Sole traders


HMRC proof of registration



Certificate of incorporation (full document, available here)

Annual return (up-to-date)

Shareholder declaration (template available here)

What are the accepted formats? 

Accepted formats are pdf, jpeg and png.

How long does the validation take? 

As we have a trial before the acceptation level, there is a direct validation of the documents. So please make sure you have them with you when you come for the trial!

I am an excellent amateur cook

However, our team in charge of assessing the new chef candidates could make an exception if:

  • your culinary skills are focused on a cuisine type that is under-represented in your area on our platform and have demand for it
  • you know the legal and hygiene principles that you must follow as food professional
  • you are able to present your dishes elegantly, not just family-style
  • you have good interpersonal skills
  • you are ready to launch your own business which implies good organisational skills (we can help you with that)
  • You must have an HMRC proof or validation

If you still have doubts on whether you should apply or not, drop us an email at chefrecruitmentsmyhomechef.uk and we’ll be in touch soon!

If you feel you can make it, please apply on the website.


About my "My Home Chef" account

Visit the page for chef sign up. You will insert your details. You can then access your account and start creating your profile.

It is important to offer a variety of menus so that all our customers can book your services. The more you change the menus and adjust to the season, the more customers will repeatedly book your services.

In order to learn how to create or modify a menu, go directly to the My menus page in your chef profile.


We give you access to a specific level of service, which has a defined price per person. It’s up to you to create your menu to make sure it is still cost-effective for you.

Prices are all inclusive. They should include your time, your transport, the preparation, ingredients, service and storage. When a customer books and pays for service on My Home Chef, he will have nothing else to pay. It’s up to you to provide in advance all your costs.

What should be included?

Everything! The host can book on My Home Chef without contacting you. After booking, the host should have nothing more to pay.

If you need to rent equipment, you should include it in the price per guest. Similarly, for a waiter, transport expenses, etc…

What about drinks? And bread?

Drinks are not included in the price. Most of our customers want to use their own cellar. Please try to remember to bring the bread!  A customer does nothing at all; he certainly does not want to go find bread. Similarly, for salt, pepper, oil and other spices. Assume that your customers have nothing at home unless highlighted during the booking process.

A chef profile is completely free, with no upfront costs nor subscriptions fees will be asked. My Home Chef only earns a commission on the bookings.

This is very important. Your profile is your shop front; it must be unique and invite customers to book. Everything you see on the chef profile is personalised. Photos, my description (long/short), menus etc … My Home Chef supports you by creating a unique technology so your profile can be as close as possible to your culinary talent!

How can I change my description and my quote?

It is very simple. You can change it in the settings menu > my information, there you can change both of them.

There are three types of photos: 

  • You can change it in “my profile” page in the settings menu.
  • When you add a menu, you can add a photo of the meal. In the section provided.

For every dish is the possibility to add a photo, you can manage this in the dish section.

You will need to complete your profile in all its parts and get in touch with a My Home Chef team member. We really care about our chef community and we frequently check all chef profiles.

If your profile is not online yet and you would like to speed up the process, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Please make sure your account is active, you can manage this in the profile menu and look for the settings section at the bottom of the page.

It’s very important that you keep your calendar up to date since clients are able to book your menus directly and payment is made in advance. We have a no cancellation policy. So, if your calendar is marked as available and a client books one of your menus in your perimeter, you will have to do that booking. 

How to manage your calendar

  1. Go to your personal My Home Chef page.
  2. Go to the calendar
  3. You can select available or unavailable.
  4. If you select available it means that you are available most of the time. Your calendar is green and you can click on the date that you aren’t available. These will turn red, so will indicate that you aren’t available. And vice versa.
  5. You can select “lunch” or “dinner” if you are only available on one of these times.

Bookings and payment

When a client makes a booking on My Home Chef, you’ll immediately receive a notification via email and text. Log in to your account and go to the sales section. Click on the booking and you’ll see the customers details. The address and telephone number will be available 24 hours before the event. 

You will have the choice to accept or decline the booking, you’ll have to do this within the first 24 hours after the booking is made.


If you have a serious issue 

If you ever have a very serious problem that prevents you from going to the event, please call the team at My Home Chef immediately. We will take care of calling the client and find a solution (either postpone the event or find another chef to complete the booking).

The day after the event, the client will receive an email asking to review and comment on the service. Reviews are public and are composed of a 5-star rating and a written comment. We moderate opinions but remain impartial in the case of a negative opinion, we will not delete it. The clients will evaluate you on three points, everyone on them will be ranked from one to five. The average will be shown. The three points are: 1 Chef behaviour, 2 food and 3 cleanliness.


I do not receive any bookings, what can I do?

If your profile is brand new, it’s normal. It normally takes a few weeks before the first client request arrives.

The number of customer reviews is very important. When you start, you will not have any ratings yet, and therefore no community Validation from My Home Chef that your services are of quality. One solution is to offer more entry-level menus priced in a way to attract more customers. This will allow you to have your first customers’ positive opinions in order to attract subsequently more customers.

Make sure that your profile is online. You can check this by going to your personal My Home Chef page and click on “Settings”. At the bottom of the page, you will see a button where you can activate or deactivating your profile.

If your profile has been online for a long time and the results are not yet showing, contact us by email at info@myhomechef.uk. There are several things we can do to optimise it, together!

The booking fees are dependent on the quality and the experience of the chef.


You will receive payments by bank transfer the day after the event. The delivery can take up to 5 business days for it to arrive in your bank account.

By default, we do not make a down payment for the services booked on My Home Chef. However, if a very important service is reserved, we can help you. This is to be decided case by case. Contact us by phone to discuss.

What should I do?

Customers book one of your menus to have the luxury of not having to do anything. So you have to take care of everything: from the shopping part and all the way until the storage before you leave.

At what time should I arrive at the customer’s place?

The day before the event, you will receive the costumers’ details.

Be aware that some customers will not be available early at their home (for example if they work late). You will then have to be flexible and in some cases do the upstream of the preparation at your workplace before arriving at the customer’s home. On average, the chefs arrive 2hrs before table service.



What should I bring? Equipment, tableware?

It is your duty to bring the ingredients and all the missing equipment, as well as setting up in the kitchen and prepare the on-site menu. 

Salt, pepper, oil, spices, bread, etc … Do not leave anything to chance. If the customer pays for a Chef at home, he should not have to go out to buy bread!

The serving dishes will affect the quality of your set-up a lot. To ensure optimum quality, please check which tools, dishes and equipment are required for the job. Don’t let your reputation depend on serving the dishes of a customer!

To save you any unpaid services and billing problems, it is important to liaise with us: My Home Chef is here to help!

How should I deal with the clients?

Once the guests have arrived, it will be important to create a friendly and professional atmosphere. Upon arrival of the guests, it is important to introduce yourself and before serving, talk a little about your background and the dishes. You will serve the dishes.

Who does the service?

The service is included in the price you specify for each menu from your space “My Menus”. It’s up to you to manage the service; it is not the responsibility of the customer (unless explicitly requested by the client). If you need the help of a waiter (for example if the number of guests is high), it has to be included in the menu price.

Who does the dishes?

You! A key element that recurs in the positive ratings given to your services the next day by customers is “My kitchen is cleaner than when I left it to the Chef”.

What should I do once I have prepared the dishes?

A lot depends on the client. When you get there, ask them what kind of service they are looking for: a professional and discreet Chef, or a friendly and sharing experience. In each case, you have to adapt.

The most important thing is to have finished your work, performed the service and clean up. Following this, feel free to interact with customers if it is suitable.  Finally, when everything is over, go have some rest!

The day after the event, the client will receive an email asking to review and comment on the service. Reviews are public and are composed of a 5-star rating and a written comment. We moderate opinions but remain impartial in the case of a negative opinion, we will not delete it. The clients will evaluate you on three points, everyone on them will be ranked from one to five. The average will be shown. The three points are: 1 Chef behaviour, 2 food and 3 cleanliness.

Cancellation / privacy policy

We provide 3 cancellation policies to ensure an optimum service.

Our cancellation policy exists out of 3 choices: Flexible/Moderate/Strict.

Please see our cancellation policy on: https://www.myhomechef.uk/en/pages/terms-of-use/

Please see our privacy policy on: https://www.myhomechef.uk/privacy/


Payment Options


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