Are you bored of the same dish almost every day? Here you can find some tips for an easy dish that will change your palate and maybe your girlfriend’s verdict!


The Recipe of Chef Mario Pellegrini: Chicory pasta bundles, red tuna cubes, almond milk and broad bean sand.


Pasta dough: 400g of flour, 4 eggs

Stuffing: 300g chicory, 100g of provola cheese, 50g grated parmesan, salt and pepper

Marinated Red tuna: 150g of fresh red tuna, oil, salt and vinegar

Almond milk: 500g almond milk, 50g toasted almond, 5g of agar

Broad bean sand: 150g dry broad beans, salt, sunflower seeds and extra virgin oil.  


Dish preparation:

Crack four eggs, mix with flour and knead it together to create the dough for the pasta bundles. Scald the chicory, squeeze them and add the provola cheese and the grated parmesan. Create small triangle of pasta taking care of the shape and close them by helping yourself with a fork. Dice and marinate the tuna with oil and salt.

 Boil the almond milk, add the agar and blend those together. Leave it all in bain-marie. Fry the broad beans with sunflower seed oil, blend it finely and add a drop of extra virgin oil.

Scald the pasta and plate it on a dinner plate already wetted with almond milk. Next, add the marinated tuna, garnish all the dish with the broad bean sand and finish it with few drops of vinegar.