“Tell me your favourite ingredients and I’ll turn them into an experience of senses”

I started my career by learning the tricks of traditional Italian cuisine from my parents, who used to run an Italian deli. 

I worked in the family business for ten years. Then, I earned a degree in International Cooperation Development before travelling around the world as a volunteer for Non-Profit organisations. That experience gave me the chance to meet new people, see different cultures and taste fresh foods. All this has deepened my passion for cooking and unique cuisine.

I studied food therapy and natural cuisine by joining the “La Sana Gola” Academy in Milan, run by Martin Halsey. After, I got my diploma in food therapy, becoming a holistic nutritional therapist and macrobiotic chef.

Getting a diploma in vegetarian haute cuisine at the Michelin star Joia Restaurant and Academy, run by Pietro Leeman in Milan, took my cooking skills to the next level. I like to call myself a “Natural chef”.


I love cooking dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. From vegetarian, vegan and Mediterranean specialities to Indian and Japanese menus. It’s important to me to use a lot of organic vegetables, from local suppliers whenever possible.

I try to give these ingredients a soul, to cook them with respect, as I am aware of the care involved in nurturing a seed into a plant. I look for simplicity and genuineness to create an exciting flavour in my dishes. This process gives an intense experience to my diners.

Preparing food is my art. 

Food preparation is a form of creative expression for me. It’s a greatly fulfilling act to cook for both myself and my family. I’ve become very involved in the health food world as well. This has given me a deep understanding of how the food and I become one. 

Each ingredient comes to the kitchen with a different quality, feel and flavour. Each significantly influences the way I prepare a dish. I apply a variety of food preparation techniques to preserve the bounty of the seasons, including curing, smoking, fermenting, pickling and drying.

These techniques allow me to enjoy locally available ingredients months after their season. What’s more, certain ingredients need additional processing to give them the best nutritional value and flavour.

I am a chef who is also an experimenter. I always try new combinations of flavours and old techniques to impress both myself and my guests.

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