“Cooking was always my true passion”

At the early age of 14 I started working in my mother’s restaurant in Venezuela. Initially I wanted to learn bar techniques but soon realised that my real talent and fulfilment lies in the kitchen.

I finished school before embarking on a journey in order to come in contact with several international cuisines.

First I went to the USA and worked in restaurants specialising in Mexican, Italian, South American as well as Nepalese cuisine.

After this experience, I decided to come to Europe so that I could attend the Le Cordon Bleu school. This has taught me valuable skills and techniques that helped me perfect my cooking.

I have been a chef for 20 years., Many iconic ventures have employed me including the Langham Hotel, Le Jardín Des Senses in France or City Social with Jason Atherton.

Cooking with handpicked, fresh ingredients and preparing dishes is an art that I am deeply passionate about.

I will be more than happy to create an unforgettable experience for you by preparing one of my carefully curated menus.