“Do it with passion or not at all.”

As a well-rounded Chef in London with a passion for culinary arts and fine dining, I offer a personal service full of flavours and aromas to satisfy my valued clients. 

I am inspired by my passion for natural fresh food, my love of the land, crop, and agriculture.

I’ve developed it growing in my remote village close to my island called Sardinia (Italy). 

How did you find your passion for cooking?

I first found my passion for cooking at a very young age passed on through family generations of artisanal handmade food, viticulture and cork harvesting in Sardinia. 

I love the freedom of creativity and innovation that cooking and wine pairing gives me and the pleasurable unique tastes that I can bring into my client house. 

I put my heart and soul to offer a unique travel experience and comprehend the world’s palate diversity.

I will bring my client into a travel crossing different Italian regions and tastes, also giving Vegan and Vegetarian a sit to share the experience. 

I’m not just a chef I’m a private chef!