Looking for a great way to enjoy an evening with good friends and good food? Here are the top reasons to hire a personal chef!



1 – It’s all about convenience

No need to stress. You don’t have to lift a finger. A personal chef arrives with the food already prepared the way you might see in a restaurant. Everything is prepared at your home.

2 – No Clean Up

That’s right, this may be the best reason. A personal chef keeps the kitchen tidy as the courses go out, and in the end the kitchen is often left cleaner than when we arrived.

 3 – Saves You Time

With a personal chef there is no travel time, no waiting for a table and when dinner is done you can go right back to enjoying the company of your guests.

4 – Picking the menu

You are free to help design the menu. Guests dictate what they like and what you cannot stand. We accommodate all food preferences and dietary restrictions.

5 – Eat when you want

You’re the guest and you decide when dinner is served. 

6 – Saves you money

No need for a cab, no corking fees, and no babysitter, that’s a no brainer.

7 – Your # 1

Man talk about luxury. Instead of being 1 in 100 or 500 covers you are the most important guest on our list. We are there to serve you and you will have our undivided attention

8 – Join the fun or just watch

You or your guests might be interested in participating in the cooking. We offer mini cooking lessons such as cake decorating demonstrations. If you are not interested in participating you may enjoy getting a glimpse of a Chef in action, as is food being prepared and plated right in your kitchen.

10 – Makes a great gift

Hiring a personal chef for a dinner party with friends or family member and live an experience that they will always remember.