Chef Giovanni

"People who love to eat are always the best people - J.C."
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I formed myself in Sicily, where I am from. I started to wash plates in a small restaurant at the age of 16 and I’ll never forget my first steps in that kitchen, the smell, the flavours, all the aromas were mixed together in an essence of smoke that goes though all your senses and ends in your heart. Since then, I felt an irresistible attraction, to the chef’s white jacket. When i finished my studies, I traveled all over Italy, starting from Sicily and ending in Turin, I refined and discovered new techniques and styles of cooking, from the slow cook tomato sauce ( 12 hours ) to the ancient technique of napolitan pizza. At the age of 25, I moved to London to get into the game of cheffing, after a few years I was in charge of different restaurants, pubs and pizzerias. But it wasn’t enough and so I decided to travel to Asia to work and learn a new style of cuisine where the key words were, FRESH, and seasonal. My menus are designed to give an experience to the client, that goes far beyond the simple eating. It’s travel, it’s imagination, it’s love, it’s me.

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