Chef Kelsey

"I live to eat and bring joy to others through my cooking"
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I am an artist who molds ingredients and paints with colour on the plate. I handle the flavours as carefully and precisely as I would a paint brush. Adding texture, striving for balance and harmony, the dish comes together as a work of art for the all the senses. Cooking for me is not just an act, it is a feeling. I value each ingredient, while being fueled by passion, knowledge and intuition, so that the outcome matches the dish I envisioned. My style of cooking is one which celebrates the seasonality of the ingredient. I aim to bring out the best of the produce, by pairing it with flavours that compliment and heighten it. I have spent a large part of my life in South Africa which has a diverse array of people, produce and cultures. I therefore describe my cooking style as eclectic. I thrive on making fresh pastas that help mop up a delicate and intricate sauce. At times I cook with bold favours that are key to African cuisine, while at others I may turn to European inspired techniques.

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